It’s always been my intent, to incorporate firearms and the needs of firearm carrying people into the campers I build. I can design and build you a vehicle with any specific weapons considerations you may have. Talk to me about a one-of-a-kind custom gunsafe installation.

I’ve owned and carried firearms my whole life. My uncle, a United States Marine, taught me how to shoot a .22 and a Colt 1911 pistol when I was 10. I carried a Springfield XD40 as a 21 year old college student in downtown Minneapolis. I have studied and operated numerous firearms over the last 20 years… from 12 gauge Remington 870’s, to Glock 21’s, .308 scoped rifles, M1A’s, .22’s, .357, .44’s, 17’s to .45-70’s, AR15’s, Tavor’s, AK47’s and everything in between.

I sold all my guns 3 years before they made me a Felon. Honestly was over it anyways. I have other hobbies like weightlifting, surfing, and cycling to keep me busy. I got to a point where spiritually, I don’t ever want to take anyone’s life, for any reason. But, I still support your right to self-defense. I always kept enough stuff around to arm a few friends if necessary – but eventually decided y’all can defend yourselves! Got weary of our Government, I was pretty active on some firearms tech boards. The FBI intentionally blocked some purchases after 2015 via NICS, we talked on the phone, and it wasn’t a nice conversation. Long-term I was worried about any potential prosecution if I was ever involved in a self-defense shooting or any situation the Government could twist into a crime.