“It is my goal to deliver field-serviceable, cost-effective, reliable vehicles… that will not fail even when put to the test of day-in, day-out, full-time use; and the wear associated with those needs.”

I personally give my trucks and bikes a complete mechanical inspection. I spend time with them and pay attention to minor details. I change the oil and check all the fluids. I check bolts, fasteners, wheels, and tires for correct fit and correct torque. I source the cleanest trucks I can; no salvage titles or accident vehicles.

“I purchase, design, build, sell, and deliver these vehicle combinations myself. I stay with the build process from purchase to delivery. I don’t use sub-contractors, and I don’t have employees to make mistakes. How does that benefit you as a buyer? Because I can deliver the highest level of quality control; attention to detail that only a 1-man design/build operation can deliver.”

All vehicles will be delivered @ (100%) operational and functional condition.

New vehicles will be delivered @ (97%+) cosmetic condition; with reasonable allowance for normal construction/use/operation. Minor surface wear from normal use.

Used trucks will be delivered @ (90%+) cosmetic condition… with no major accidents or damage. Signs of use will be apparent but minimal… minor scratches, nicks, dings, dents, and ripples; associated with normal use… should be expected.

These are working trucks, prepared to “excellent working condition.”

🇺🇸 End of the Earth Vans pledges to support American small business; by using American Standard Tooling; and by sourcing products 100% Made in the USA whenever possible.

Hard Numbers…

Western Montana Beetle Kill Lodgepole Pine Bed (Removable)

These logs are used to make strong log cabins. They are also commonly milled into lumber products like the 2×4 studs in your wall. I decided bypass the mill. Every log will have cracks and splits; this is a characteristic of the logs and does not effect their strength. The gaps and cracks form as the wood dies, and dries. They will continue to shrink and swell with changes in temperature and humidity.

Boogey Lights® LED strip lighting with M7 Remote and Bluetooth compatibility…

 Acid-Torched Patina Panels


These are my proprietary design. Constructed from rolled steel sheet, and hand-trimmed, these panels support American jobs and workers throughout our communities. (Leaving many cut fingertips along the way)

In my testing, these steel panels have performed beyond any expectations I had for them. Let me rephrase that… I was shocked at how well they performed the first time I took the truck down the road.

Backed by (2) types of insulation, they are providing excellent thermal resistance and insulation properties; both in hot and cold weather.  They also provide excellent sound dampening, and a surprisingly quiet-ride with no vibration or buzzing.

The “rust” or “patina” finish that I create on the surface of these panels is formed through a tedious 8-hour process. Using a torch, and a proprietary chemical treatment, a pattern is naturally etched (rusted) into the surface of the sheet. The chemical reaction is then halted, and the panel is clear-coated with a satin (semi-gloss) finish so that it is non-reflective. This process provides an extremely durable finish that seals and protects the steel… hiding scratches, dents, and imperfections. The surface itself is imperfect by nature.

While I can somewhat direct the heat involved and the chemical process, I cannot fully control it. Each panel is hand-made. Each panel takes about 8 hours to make. Each panel is unique. Each panel has the look of high quality wall art.

All removable panels are held in place with over 100 stainless steel bolts and washers. These are common bolts that use a hex head, in a common thread pitch; they are widely available for replacement or repair at common stores like Ace Hardware, Home Depot, and Lowe’s… just in case you lose one on the road.

Fixed panels are held in place with over 900-1/8″ copper/bronze POP rivets. These are 100% copper (not plated) and they have solid bronze (not plated) nail. These are high quality rivets used for copper roof flashing construction… they will age and patina (change color) over time. Standard 1/8″ blind rivets can be substituted in a pinch. Rivets are widely available and field serviceable with basic hand tools. Rivets provide a vibration-resistant, semi-permanent attachment method that is a fantastic choice for non-welded automobile applications. Rivets have been favored and used extensively by the aircraft construction industry.

Design Elements

1) Affordability

It is my #1 goal to produce vehicles that are affordable to my potential customers. At less then half the price of a Winnebago ERA 170 ($122,000.00), I think I’ve hit my mark. I want to sell “out of this world” stuff, at “real world” prices. I’m not cutting costs by installing cheap fixtures. I’m cutting costs by hand fabricating only the parts you need, and leaving off the excess. By focusing on a minimalistic approach, and running a small efficient shop, I am able to pass my savings on to you.

2) Drivability

When considering an adventure vehicle, I believe the 2nd most important factor is overall size and drivability. I will provide vehicles that consider the most important aspects of moving anything by truck… factory reliability, full-factory warranty, low fuel cost (class leading fuel economy), light-weight, good road handling manners, easy to park, ease of use, extended operating range, and overall excellent on-road performance. Vehicles designed to run hard… 1000 miles a day… up hills, through corners, and down the nastiest primitive gravel roads. Vehicles that reliably tackle some serious miles, without service or breakdowns.

3) Simplicity

After more than a decade of working and living in trucks of all shapes and sizes, I cannot express enough the importance of simplicity in design. If only for your peace of mind. My construction will be over-engineered for strength and durability. End of the Earth Vans will be purpose built for day-in, day-out, full-time use; and the wear associated with those needs. Form follows function.

In the event of failure, every fixture in my truck will be user-serviceable in the field with limited tools, and widely available American Standard parts. Extraneous Lighting, Bathtubs, Saunas, Toilets, Automated Towel Dispensers, Microwaves, Accessories, Equipment, Wiring, Plumbing, and the use of poorly designed Chinese tooling/electronics that are difficult for users to service in the field will be avoided; Because these fixtures will be the first to fail. And these so called “conveniences” will fail you, I can tell you that unequivocally.

4) Modularity

By keeping floor plans simple and head space open, my designs incorporate adaptability to a wide variety of activities. Whether it be Mountain Bikers, Surfers, World Travelers, Skiers, Hikers, Motorcyclists, Campers, or Vacationers, my basic designs will be adaptable to different end users and their oversize equipment.

5) Comfort and Style

California King memory foam mattress. (84″ x 72″ x 10″) Standard size is easily replaced at any mattress store.

A solid; comfortable bed; that is fixed in place; that does not need to be unfolded or deployed; with no gaps, seams, or cracks; that is in a normally ready condition; with ample headroom; is the best feature of any sleeper cab. I am pleased to be offering the largest bed, with the most weight carrying capacity in the Sprinter Conversion marketplace. Compromise any of the above, and you have designed an uncomfortable truck.

I think most of these newer panel bed designs we’re seeing are too high. They sacrifice headroom for vertical bicycle storage capacity; a concept I don’t agree with at all — even if you are only using the van for bicycle/camping, there are better options. People seem to ignore that the surface of my bed can be used for storage, and the memory foam does a great job of holding things in place.

Overhead storage cabinets – give a claustrophobic feel. Combine these with the aforementioned high panel bed, and you’ve designed an uncomfortable truck. You shouldn’t have to worry about hitting your head or your arms when you sit up in bed. Headroom is also important above the bed for uhh… stuff that adults do in bed. You don’t want to feel like you’re sleeping in a tight submarine bunk, and your girlfriend won’t either.

My California King is low, close to standard residential height. Easy to approach. You lay down and instantly feel like you are sleeping in the truck, not on it. You look up at an abundance of open space and breath fresh air. You have room to raise your arms above your head. The lower your bed is, the less body roll you will experience during high winds. It’s tough to sleep through storm. It’s tougher when you’re high up and getting rocked around. Again… these considerations have unquestionably more value than a vertical bicycle under the bed.

My Montana Beetle-Kill Lodgepole supports take up space, and yes, they are hefty… but they are solid, and simple. They have multiple uses. Quickly removable without tools; they breath life, energy, and a cleansing natural smell into the truck, while giving off a rustic, natural feel. Lodgepole gives the bed a solid, silent presence that can’t be expressed, it has to be felt. The precursor to a great night’s sleep.

My bed frame/security drawer design creates separate pockets of storage capacity; physical barriers that keep stowed luggage from moving laterally. This is important when cornering or braking. My design makes it impossible for loosely stowed luggage to come flying forward during an accident or emergency braking. With all the open space under these trending high panel beds, all of your cargo must be secured with straps because there are is no bulkhead. With my design, and my 8 built-in bulkheads, you can just drop your bags in and go. Easy.

The height and width of my supports will accept all sizes of airline approved luggage through the rear doors; from standard size carry-on up to the largest checked suitcases. There is more than enough space to hold a week’s worth of luggage for 4+ adults. It will also hold one or two horizontal bicycles with the wheels off.

I’m not offering the most under-bed storage. I’m offering enough. Don’t get caught up with what these other recreational vehicle manufacturers are doing or trending designs. Take a realistic inventory of what you need. I think you will find that my design will accommodate.


It’s good to have a “little” weight in the truck. It’s appropriate that every vehicle operate with some suspension pre-load. An appropriately loaded vehicle will usually handle better than an empty one, riding down the road with ideal suspension geometry.

I focus on minimalist designs with fewer parts count overall, when compared to other recreational vehicles currently in production. Some pieces of my truck are heavy; they are heavy because they are strong, raw material. The cumulative weight-gain of my parts, is equalized and surpassed by my competition’s overabundance of parts.

I am issuing an open challenge to any other major Recreation Vehicle Manufacturer in the world, to get on a CAT truck scale and compare axle weights. When strength, durability, function, and aesthetics are considered, I believe my design will compare favorably.

Keeping weight down keeps your fuel cost down. It also keeps you moving faster through switchbacks, and keeps you moving with the speed of traffic when climbing or descending steep mountain passes. I live at the bottom of a 7% grade, 7,000 foot pass, that I use for research and development.

Fuel Mileage

My “California King” Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis (2.1L 4-cyl turbo-diesel; 7-speed transmission) was averaging 25mpg @60mph(avg.) and pushing up to 28mpg @50-55mph. It will run down the Interstate into a headwind @85mph; fully loaded with two people onboard and a motorcycle on the back. Between the two Mercedes-Benz Sprinter diesel engines, I like the 2.1L 4-cyl better than the 3.0L V6, for its ability to keep fuel cost low, but at the end of the day, they’re both good engines.

“Mileage is a factor of many things… weight and speed mostly. Wind and grades play in to the equation. In testing, I have consistantly seen 25mpg with this particular truck; with perfect conditions and slow, sustained speeds showing increases of 2-3mpg for a total of 27-28mpg… this is Interstate driving of course. Some speed(mph) numbers for clarification… mixed interstate driving at speeds of (57-62+mph) has consistently shown a 25mpg average. Getting that extra bump requires slowing the truck down and really running it cool (50-55mph) average… sometimes slowing to ~48mph on grades… Finding that sweet spot between your foot and the wind if the wind is blowing the right direction… then you will see 27-28mpg on those long runs… It’s amazing really; because you have a California King Bed behind you.”