Asset Protection


Firearm Transportation and Security

Traveling with firearms can raise many issues. The security of your firearms in transit is paramount. Good security protects society as a whole.

End of the Earth Vans is excited to provide you with some truly one-of-a-kind options for firearms and ammunition transportation.

Everyone’s situation is unique. Every one of my Mercedes-Benz Diesel “California King” Sprinters will come standard with (4) individually-keyed, locking steel drawers; capable of securing ammunition, handguns, sub-machineguns (SMG’s), short-barreled shotguns (SBS’s; AOW’s), and short-barreled rifles (SBR’s).

If you need heavy protection for securing long barreled shotguns and long barreled rifles, I can incorporate a heavy steel safe into my design. (Remington 700 7.62/.308Win ~24+” barrel) (Remington 870 ~26+” barrel) (Barrett M107A1 .50 BMG ~29+” barrel).

While a regular pickup truck might suffice, my design incorporates a California-King sized memory foam mattress. Long-distance travelers will appreciate the cost-saving benefits of avoiding hotels all together… and the improved security benefits of staying with the vehicle at all times.

Ballistic Protection

For customers requiring ballistic protection, I can provide concealed, hardened steel armor; rated for NIJ Level III+ Rifle Threats; (5.56x45mm NATO M193) (5.56x45mm NATO M855) (7.62x51mm NATO M80)

I can design/build light-weight, low-visble-signature armor packages; that will create safe spaces inside strategic areas of the truck. From the outside other motorists will see; a lightweight truck that will not appear to be armored, and blends easily with regular traffic.

Keep your loved ones safe from today’s all-too-common mass shootings… sleep soundly knowing that your truck can repel a stray bullet, or even an aimed one.


Armor and heavy steel gun safes can add a significant amount of weight to a truck.  Suspension components and wheel/tire packages may need to be carefully tuned.

These things can get expensive. It’s a lot of time-consuming work. Talk to me about what needs you have and I can custom design something for you. I don’t ask questions… everyone has the right to protect themselves from harm.

V.I.P. Protection

Extended Operating Range

Run-Flat Tires

Impact-Resistant Heavy Duty Front and Rear Bumpers

Government – Law Enforcement – Private Security – Private Sector

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