“Handtuned Campers, Class B(light) Motorcoaches, Commercial, Fleet Design”

We are a low-volume custom vehicle manufacturer – direct sales – broker, serving the Western 11 United States. We aid our customers with a unique set of mobile operations;

  • Acquisitions – Commercial – Import – Oversize – Specialty – Rare
  • Fitting – Customization – Setup
  • Personal Delivery

EOEVans.com builds CamperVans (RV’s) and off-grid vehicle packages. Currently focused on NCV3 and VS30 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis configurations, we specialize in minimalist light-weight designs. Custom glass & ventilation; custom metalwork; custom woodwork; and the industry’s largest California King memory foam beds. Heavy-Duty working vans, individually tuned to run hard miles, with zero service failures.

2017 saw EOEVans.com attend its first public showing at the NW Overland Rally. The model debuted here; the “California King” or “EOEVmodel1”… sold to a celebrity music producer/record label in Portland, Oregon; Emancipatormusic.com.

2018 saw (2) new shop spaces acquired; (4) more Mercedes-Benz NCV3 vans being built; and re-investment in tooling and storage. EOEVans.com partnered with companies like Aluminess®️, Boogey Lights®️, Joe Hauler®️, Cali Bamboo®️, Strawfoot®️, and over a dozen local Montana businesses… in a co-ordinated effort to prop-up and support American small business. In September of 2018, EOEVans.com sponsored the first annual Adventure Van Expo – in Lake Tahoe, California – as a silver level sponsor.





“My CamperVans are hand-built one at a time. I’ve been living in tractor-trailers, trucks, and vans full-time since 2007. I’m putting 1,000,000+ miles of heavy trucking experience, full-time RV living, and riding motorcycles – across all 48 states and Canada, in all weather conditions – into my design. This is my life and my passion. I source Amercian made products and support American small businesses whenever possible.“ 🇺🇸


 🔥 Lower entry cost than industry competition

 🔥 Class leading on/off road performance

🔥 Minimalist philosophy ~ Less parts ~ Lightest weight in industry

🔥 Modular design concept accepts accessory upgrades

🔥 Designed for high mileage durability & reliability

🔥 Zero service failure goal ~ Zero maintenance

🔥 Handmade in the USA 🇺🇸



✅ Surfing  ✅ Motocross  ✅ Motorcycling  ✅ Mountain Biking ✅ Road Cycling

✅ Hobbyists ✅ Athletes  ✅ Competitors ✅ Racers

 ✅ Campers  ✅ Vacationers  ✅ Full Time RV  ✅ World Travelers

✅ Outdoorsmen  ✅ Hikers  ✅ Photographers

✅ Musicians  ✅ Tradesmen  ✅ Traveling Workers

✅ Emergency Evacuation & Preparedness

Currently For Sale:

✅  2017 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 170” California King Camper Arctic White / White / Copper Flame

  • Engine = 3.0L V6 turbo-diesel
    Transmission = 5-speed
  • Rated Torque = 325 lbs/ft @ 1400-2400 rpm
  • Top Speed = 85 mph
  • Oil Type = Mobile 1 ESP X1 0W-30
  • Oil Service Interval = 20,000 miles
  • Diesel Mileage = 20mpg
  • Diesel Capacity = 24.5 gallons
  • Front Axle Weight = 3,340lbs
  • Rear Axle Weight = 3,640lbs
  • Combined Wet Weight = 6,980lbs
  • Mercedes Basic Warranty = 3 years/36,000 miles
  • Mercedes Diesel Engine Warranty = 5 years/100,000 miles